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Why should I have an internet radio station?
The Internet radio growth has exploded in recent years. According to Arbitron who are responsible for making radial surveys. Arbitron shows that Internet radio listeners is approximately double the 40 million last year. Which means that this number will increase each year. This also applies to internet TV which each year increases more.
Radio and Internet TV is the future as it is available globally and is also available to mobile devices like iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Tablets. This is an incredible opportunity to subscribe to Livecastnet and have your own radio or TV station online.

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eMarketer estimates 37.5% of US internet users ages 12 and up will listen to internet radio including online streaming of terrestrial broadcasts and online only radio stations or podcasts at least weekly this year. On a monthly basis, 44.3% of web users will tune in to online radio.
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When you subscribe to Livecastnet you can have your own personalize App for Iphone and Android for an additional low price.
To download the above app search for Chiqui Pop on Apple Store and Google Play
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